Somerset steps up again

Our team at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton is running one of the NHS charities benefitting from the outpouring of public gratitude for the lifesaving work of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals as they save lives – and risk their own – every day during this crisis.

We know that communities in Somerset are incredibly generous from successful capital campaigns for equipment and facilities at the Musgrove. But with nearing £100,000 raised (and still counting) since the Charity’s Covid-19 Response Fund was launched 5 weeks ago, the impact and loyalty of grateful patients and their community networks is being shown yet again.

Money has so far funded:

  • 150 Digital Radios for patients in isolation and elderly patients without visitors
  • 10 iPads to facilitate video chat between isolated patients and their families
  • Meals supplied to staff at Musgrove and Somerset Community Hospitals (with support from Taunton School and Somerset Larder)
  • Funds for Activity Coordinators, Chaplaincy and the Bereavement Team

Thanks again to the people of Taunton and wider Somerset for stepping up to support the NHS.