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Our services across The Three Fundraising Platforms

The best fundraising operations in the world are built on three fundraising platforms - with the right people and tools working in the right way to get the job done. We bring a wealth of hands-on experience across all aspects of these platforms to help your organisation put in place a comprehensive, well-managed and cost-effective fundraising operation.

  Annual funding Capital funding Endowment funding

Budget-driven to support and sustain operations

Opportunity-driven to fund special projects and programmes

Vision-driven to secure the future





What and Why?

Charities are under great pressure to raise ongoing, unrestricted funding and need committed and sustained annual support from their supporters and friends to make sure that day-to-day operating expenses are met.

Volunteer-led, person-to-person asking campaigns geared to raising as much money as possible, as quickly as possible from (initially) the fewest number of prospects, for a specific project or programme.

We are seeing one of the greatest exchanges of wealth from one generation to another in history.

Forward-thinking charitable organisations are establishing or enhancing Endowment Funds.

Our clients, across a wide range of charitable organisations, are achieving transformational levels of income from Gifts in Wills

Our Services

Retain our specialist consultants to work with you on any or all aspects of your annual appeal to:

Develop or review an Annual Fundraising Plan

Conduct a supporter survey

Review your database and maximise your database utilisation and direct response programmes

Conduct a marketing and  communications review and develop an awareness-building and donor acquisition plan

Start up or fine tune major gifts, grants, events, corporate partnership or In Memoriam giving programmes

Interim direction and management

We have the best capital campaign managers in the business and can work with you to test and deliver your capital funding needs:

Develop your case for support

Test and validate your fundraising potential through a fundraising feasibility study

Prepare an actionable fundraising campaign plan

Manage your fundraising campaign – from periodic advisory services to full outsourcing

Our specialist consultants can take experience across dozens of charities and apply it to your particular situation

Work with you to establish short term (3-5 year) and longer term (up to 10 year) goals and baseline projections

Research, test, fine tune and roll out a structured and proactive legacy promotion programme that will yield results within 3-years

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