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What next?

Get in touch with us for a no-obligations discussion about your fundraising position and needs. This will allow us to assess how best to shape our experience and services to your particular situation and could lead to one of the following:

A Fundraising Strategy Review

“Where is our fundraising going over the next 3-5 years?”

Successful fundraising is based on big vision and meaningful social purpose. What are the challenges and opportunities facing your organisation over the next 3-5 years and how are you going to deal with them? Can you develop an urgent and compelling fundraising case for support to realise your goals and deliver funding across annual, capital and endowment programmes?

Our specialist advisors will work with you to respond to these key questions and move from strategy to delivery in the form of an actionable fundraising plan.

A Fundraising Resources Study

"We need to raise a large amount of money for a specific project in a short period of time!"

The Resources Study is the right place to start. It is a qualitative fundraising feasibility process that identifies sources of major funding and volunteer leadership for your specific project or programme. Conducted by one of the senior members of our team, the study will clearly establish the attainability of your organisation’s capital fundraising goals.

A Fundraising Audit

“Do we have the right people, fundraising programmes and tools in place to achieve our fundraising goals?”

Not-for profits are under pressure to raise more money, but are also under great scrutiny to use income generation techniques that build and enhance donor relationships and restore trust and confidence in charity fundraising.

From your Trustees to your most junior fundraising assistant: do you have the right people, fundraising programmes and promotional tools in place to meet your fundraising goals and generate positive awareness of your purpose? How can you raise the fundraising bar: both in the form of results and how your fundraising techniques are viewed by the public?

Over the last few months our specialist teams have been on call to conduct everything from intensive, one day audits of particular funding streams to complete root and branch reviews of fundraising and development plans.

We have the strength in depth to tailor our consulting teams to our client needs and deliver direct and actionable advice.

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