Compton — Environment

Concerns around global warming and climate change have, in the minds of a growing number of scientists and commentators, been ignored for a generation. Today’s debate is about how quickly we can de-carbonise our environment.

Over the last 30 years we are proud to have worked on the following projects – from local initiatives to national conservation projects.

The Great Fen Project: a 50-year plan

The Great Fen is an expanse of nationally significant fen landscape between Peterborough and Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. The area was once ‘wild fen’, but in the 17th Century the fens of Eastern England were drained to create peat-rich farmland. This resulted in 99% of the wild fen being destroyed. The fenland that remained was too small and isolated to continue to support the special wildlife that had survived. The area needed landscape-scale change.

In 2000, five organisations, including our client – the Wildlife Trusts of Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire – joined together to conceive the Great Fen project. Between them, they provided the insight and expertise in conservation, recreation, business and tourism, flood protection, water management, community and visitor engagement. The Great Fen Steering Group set out on a 50-year habitat restoration project, one of the largest in Europe. It has created a huge nature recovery network including the connection of the two National Nature Reserves giving the unique species they hold enough space to thrive.

20 years on, the Great Fen is a great place to visit, with many talks and activities taking place at the Wildlife Trust Visitors Centre and many different trail options.

It all began with a Compton fundraising study and consulting work to identify the first tranches of capital funding and volunteer leadership.

Landcare Australia: a national movement

Established in 1989 by the late former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, Landcare Australia grew out of the Landcare movement – bringing farmers and conservationists together to resolve environmental issues. Landcare has created a sustainable approach to integrated land management, natural habitat restoration, enhancing biodiversity and building resilience in the nation’s food and farming systems. Social cohesion and wellbeing in participating communities has been greatly enhanced.

A Compton team managed the first major fundraising campaign for Landcare. Today, a generation on, thousands of people are involved in the movement working to protect local ecosystems that contribute to the sustainability and productivity of land and water assets for the benefit of all Australians.

Selected previous clients

  • Antarctic Heritage Trust
  • Carbon Capital Markets, London
  • Clean up Australia
  • Durrell Conservation Trust, Jersey
  • Environmental Defence Fund (Europe)
  • Federated Farmers of New Zealand
  • Garden Organic, Warwickshire
  • Great Barrier Reef Wonderland, Queensland
  • National Forest, Leicestershire
  • National Trust of New South Wales
  • National Trust of South Australia

  • Natural Resources Institute (NRI) London
  • Rothamsted Research, Hertfordshire
  • Royal Horticultural Society (RHS Garden Wisley project)
  • SHARE, British Columbia, Canada