Our History

We are proud of our history and track record of success and constantly call upon experience and lessons learned of hundreds of fundraising campaigns. We understand that we are only as good as the work we do today and take nothing for granted. We also believe that our best performances are still ahead of us.

  1. 1956

    • Everald Compton, a qualified accountant, Rotary member and member of the Uniting Church leads a capital fundraising campaign for the St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. The campaign is a success and Compton’s long career in fundraising is launched.

  2. 1960s

    • Compton & Associates established, providing fundraising consulting services to churches, hospitals, schools, arts and cultural organisations and other charitable institutions. Compton’s track record and reputation builds with successful projects in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK.

  3. 1970s

    • UK company achieves prominence through Christian Stewardship campaigns and a growing number of church, heritage, education and community projects.

  4. 1980s

    • Ely Cathedral raises over £4 million in less than a year. Compton would go on to work with over 25 UK cathedrals.
    • Successful capital campaigns for Oxford and Cambridge colleges (including Oriel and St John’s) signal Compton’s arrival as a leading fundraising advisor to universities.
  5. 1990s

    • Vancouver and San Francisco offices opened.
    • Successful major campaign for the University of the Orange Free State and the technikon college system in South Africa.
    • Royal Australasian College of Physicians raises over A$13 million in 30 weeks.
    • Successful campaigns for Winchester, Lichfield and Peterborough cathedrals.
    • Children’s Hospital, Sydney, raises A$34 million in a year and is followed by string of successes with hospital charities in the UK and Australia.
    • Successful capital campaigns for  independent schools from Gordonstoun to King’s School Canterbury.
    • 18-nation fundraising review conducted for Amnesty International.
  6. 2000s

    • Three Fundraising Platforms model established – annual, capital and endowment raising services fully developed.
    • Healthcare and medical research  successes with the Prostate Cancer Charity, the £36 million Eve Appeal (gynaecological cancers) and Oxford Children’s Hospital  (£17 million).
    • Oxford Children’s Hospital achieves its £17 million goal.
    • Young Vic Theatre campaign for  £12.5 million.
    • Great Fen project, Cambridgeshire, established with a major campaign.
    • Success with the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum builds on similar projects in eco tourism and conservation such as the Great Barrier Reef Fund and the National Trust.
  7. 2010s

    • Over £10 million a year raised (and continues to be raised) for Royal Trinity and St Christopher’s Hospices in London.
    • A successful endowment campaign for the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust demonstrates that volunteer-led, person-to- person fundraising principles and methods remain as valid as ever from their first use in church and heritage campaigns in the 1960s.
    • Compton consolidates its position as market leader in its field with work for iconic British charitable institutions including the Royal Albert Hall, the British Library, Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), the University of St Andrew’s and Shakespeare’s Globe.